Øivind Augland

Øivind Augland

Øivind Augland is founder and teacher of M4Europe. He served as pastor and church planter with the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Norway. His calling in life is to bring young people, generations, leaders, churches, denominations and nations side-by-side to increase the expansion of the Kingdom. Øivind is married to Linda and together they have four children.

God’s dream

We must never degrade the call to plant churches by making it only about meetings, activities and programs. Church planting is first and foremost about fulfilling the dream of God.

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Plan! Pray! Plant! - Czech

Church planting is to realize God’s dream: that in every geographic place, culture and ethnic group there dwells a people who desires to live according to what He says.

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Working in team

God’s longing is to find a people, a group of individuals in every village, city, culture and ethnic group who are willing to become His dwelling place.

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Live a life worthy of the calling

God dreams to make His presence known here on earth — not in a tent or a temple, but through a people who is called and consecrated to Him.

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