• WHY: Being people oriented; everyone fulfils their life mission; reaching people & being around them, not separated from non-church people
  • WHAT: Relationships, community, support; resources for everyone
  • HOW: Mentoring & coaching in various formats; limited number of church ministries; developing external platforms for reaching people and partnerships


  • The center of the Western part of Ukraine
  • A very religious place, as well as a city filled with IT expertise and many tourists.
  • Around 1 million inhabitants

Some 30 evangelical churches; 10 of them have more than 100 members


The leader of the team, Yaroslav Pyzh has been the President of Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary (UBTS) in Lviv, Ukraine, since 2014. UBTS has a strong emphasis on missional mentality in all ministries and a church planting program. Yaroslav is actively involved in developing the church planting movement in Ukraine. He is a National Leader of M4 Ukraine as well as has hosted one of the Exponential roundtables in Ukraine in 2020. Yaroslav was part of a church planting team three years ago (Ukrainian Bible Church, Lviv, Ukraine).

There are 25 people on the team. We are in the initial phase of planting a church. The team will join the M4 Team Process in fall 2021.


Plan for the next 12 months:

  • Develop foundational documents (mission, vision, values, goals) by June 1
  • Engage 90% of the team in mentoring/coaching relationships by September 1
  • Start the 2nd church campus with 50 people by December 1
  • Expose to the Gospel 100 people on a monthly basis by using the three “platforms” where the team is already fully present (ministry to orphans and teenagers from the poor families; businessmen community and Prayer breakfast with non-church university-level educators).
  • Engage at least 15-20 people in personal mentoring/coaching relationships by December 1
  • Train a team of leadership for the 2nd church campus and find a location by December 1

In 3-5 years, we will:

  • Have 3-5 new church campuses
  • Have a core leadership team of 15-20 people
  • Develop strong ties with the city through professional involvement of church members in the marketplace
  • Develop the church-wide coaching/mentoring practices
  • Engage 80% of the church members into an active Kingdom mentality through their professional involvement

Recommendation from the M4 Europe leader Øivind Augland

Jaroslav is a pioneer leader with a lot of proven fruit in his life. The fact that he wants to model church planting to a new generation, moving out and taking leadership in this locally, expresses a lot of the attitude and values in Jaroslav’s life and ministry. I highly recommend him and his new initiative.


We are part of the Ukrainian Baptist Union and strongly connected to the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary.

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