To see lives transformed by God, we want to plant a new church in Brno and its suburbs every seventh year.


  • The second largest city in the Czech Republic
  • 400 000 inhabitants and some 100 000 students at universities
  • 1.5% of inhabitants belong to Evangelical churches


The team leader Petr Dvořáček has been pastor for 17 years and in the last six years began to learn more about church planting, disciple making and missional movement. In 2020 he shared his vision for Brno city and the planting of a new church. A core team of 12 people joined him. During the restrictions of the  pandemic the team met online every second week for discussion.

Our mother church officially sent us to plant a new church in October 2020. We have a support prayer team of 20 prayers. Our team started the M4 Team Process in autumn 2020.


Plan for the next 12 months:

  • Get a minimum of 15 non-believers into discipleship on a regular basis
  • Recruit 25% of unchurched people and 25% churched people to our church planting team
  • Define all processes (in our context) from reaching out to the unbelievers to making them disciples and sending them back to the mission field
  • Start regular public Sunday services and build all relevant teams

In the near future:

  • Our main goal is to work on developing a mission strategy – contacting unchurched people (mostly students and young families) and starting a discipleship process with them
  • We are working on our websites and social networks, which are coming soon. We have created a video studio for recording interesting videos to attract people to God and invite them to discovery groups.
  • We will continue to reach out to our most natural contacts both online and offline (our “oikos”, students through Young Life clubs, children and their parents through ministry of Prison Fellowship Czech Republic etc.)

Recommendation from the M4 Czech Republic leader Jiří Unger

Petr Dvořáček is one of our best leaders with a lot of missional fruit and a track record of leading others in his community to share the Gospel and live a missional lifestyle. His assessment scores were one of the highest possible. As an experienced pastor, he is encouraging others by his missional drive that led him to church planting.


  • We are part of the Evangelical Brethren Church.

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