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NO M4 Team Process Course (English Preview)

M4 Team Process is a tool that helps church planters explore important issues they face during the entire church planting process. From the first moment you start carrying a vision of starting a new fellowship to when you have your new church around you, M4 helps you turn your dream into reality.

In each unit you will be introduced to learning goals, listen to three teachings and one interview. After each teaching you will be asked to respond to a quick reflective question. The purpose of this reflection is for you to check if and what you have retained from the teaching and it will also provide some information to the coach serving alongside you in this process. Each unit will end with a team assignment, found also in your workbook.

We encourage you to have your journal at hand as we have included space for notes as you listen to each teaching as well as helpful individual assignments.

How to Access the Course?

  1. Click on the button “Login to Enroll”
  2. Click on “Register an Account”
  3. Click on “Take this Course”
  4. Click on Start Course

If you have any trouble accessing the course, please email Filip Ologeanu at

If you need to go back to an earlier section, please follow instructions on the page or click in the menu on the left side. You can go back to where you were, but please be aware that you cannot jump further than you have watched and read. The course has a required progression, meaning you cannot jump from section 2 to section 4 without going through section 3 first.

Course Content

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M2 - Mission
M3 - Multiplication
M4 - Movement