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M4 Coaching

Our coaching values

Everything we do flows out of our values. Simply put, values are core convictions and beliefs that are expressed in consistent behavior. Our four values are:

1. Gospel-centered

2. Relationship-based

3. Results-oriented

4. Spirit-led

The coach

M4 coaching is a one-to-one relationship between the church planter and their coach to help the church planter and their team move from where they are to where they believe God wants them to be by following the lead of the Spirit in making them more Christ-like

The role of the coach is to draw out what the Holy Spirit has put in, and help the church planter and their team be obedient to what God is saying to them. The coach seeks to help the church planter be the most effective leader possible while helping make the church planting project as effective as possible.

The coaching skills

1. Listen actively:

2. Ask profound questions:

3. Respond constructively:

4. Empower responsibly:


No coaching model is perfect but some are useful. The COACH model, developed by Keith Webb, is a useful model that we use. It has 5 stages and the acronym makes it easy to remember them: