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We share your heartbeat, your dream of church planting is also our dream.

We are leaders who planted churches, who want to plant churches and who are responsible for church planting.


James Ros

Leader of M4 Germany
Pastor James Ros, start-up helper for new things. He is the head of KirchenThür, a start-up center for new churches in East Germany. He belongs to the Bund Freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden K.d.ö.R. Passion: Faith is the new normal - in East Germany! #ostdeutschlandglaubt

Philip Brüchner

Online Facilitator of M4 Germany
Pastor Philip Brüchner. He loves to accompany people into their next step. Church planting and church renewal is on his heart. He belongs to the Bund freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden k.d.ö.R. Passion:

Henry Dittrich

Leader of M4 Ready Germany
Henry Dittrich is the founder and director of Stadtlicht, Kirche für Zwickau. His vision is to invest in young leaders thereby new churches emerge in East Germany. That's why he runs M4 Ready-
Upgrade Ahlfeld

Oliver Ahlfeld

Facilitator of M4 Germany
Oliver Ahlfeld is a consultant for the start-up in the Gnadauer Verband, the umbrella organization of the community movement. As a host and coach in the training hub in Magdeburg, he loves to constantly make people ready for a lively and fruitful ministry. Because discipleship must not become a theory.

David Kröker

Apprentice Visionary Leader for West Germany
David Kröker is 37 years old. He is married and has four kids. After studying theology at the FTH Gießen, he became a youth and pastoral counselor at the EFG Haiger. Since 2018 he he is the president of the German Evangelist Conference, head of the “Church Planting” division in ChristusForum Deutschland, guest lecturer at the Bibelseminar Bonn and church planter in Euskirchen.

Tobias Maier

Project manager of M4 Germany
Tobias Maier is married and has three children. His heart concern is church work with the focus on mission, i.e. to support and accompany churches in their evangelistic mission, as well as to plant churches in the northeast as a pioneer mission. As division manager of DIPM for Germany, he shares the vision Gemeinsam. Unerreichte erreichen. on the way to demonstrate and live this concern.

Section about upcoming events (if you have any)

We from M4 invite you - or your whole team to: to Zwickau on June 26th for the M4 information day. "This day is for church planters and church planting teams - and those who want to become one. You are also welcome to join us when you first want to receive basic information because the idea of church planting is still fresh on your mind."

June 26, 2021, 10-17 o'clock im Stadtlicht Horchsaal in Zwickau. Be there!

Upcoming Events

Vision and inspiration day

M1 Germany

June 26th 10-17 o'clock - Stadtlicht Horchsaal, Zwickau

October 29th-30th - Magdeburg

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If you are interested in learning more about the M4 Team Process or learning about how to bring the M4 Team Process to your nation, contact Philip Bruechner at or submit a message below.

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