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M4 Ready Recruitment


M4Ready is an online 9-10 month training course for people who have a potential to plant, lead and multiply churches in their nations.

The course is intended for younger leaders in local churches, denominations or organizations with an above average leadership potential and have a  track record of entrepreneurship, initiating new things and bringing change.

  • If they have a passion and calling for church planting.
  • If they can see themselves as part of a church planting team. 
  • If they see themselves as a leader in a local church or in other roles with a clear understanding of the importance of church planting.

Theo Bunescu, one of the teachers in M4 Ready, explains M4 Ready in this video.

Interested in launching M4 Ready


If you are interested in launching M4 Ready in a nation, we can help you to do that.  M4 Ready is currently being translated into 7 languages and is available to be translated to any other language.  Our experienced team can help guide the translation and implementation process to make M4 Ready a success in your nation.  If you would like more information, please contact Craig Hamer at

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