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Our Team

Executive Leadership Team

M4europe site team pictures-Oivind-01

Øivind Augland

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Visionary leadership, convening, networking, recruitment, fundraising, DNA of organizational culture and new ideas
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Līva Fokrote

Chief Operating Officer
Team leadership, strategic leadership, organizational development, product development, Assessment training, strategic consultancy
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Craig Hamer

Chief Financial Officer
Financial management, M4 Ready implementation in nations, project leadership
M4europe site team pictures-Kenno-03

Kenno Leier

Chief Networking Officer
Supporting and encouraging national leaders, leadership of strategic consultants, assisting new M4 nations, networking, fundraising
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Theo Bunescu

Chief Learning Officer
Learning management, leadership of expert teams, content development, leadership training, strategic consultancy, fundraising


Romania 5

Filip Ologeanu

Project Manager
M4 Team Process implementation in nations, website development, project and event management
M4europe site team pictures-Toomas

Toomas Vardja

Leader of Digital Storytelling
Capturing and presenting significant and encouraging stories, filming and editing training videos