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M4europe site team pictures-Oivind
Founder and CEO of M4 Europe

Øivind Augland

Visionary leadership, convene  and networker, secure culture and DNA and alignment in the organisation, major fundraising, recruitment of key people and new Ideas.



Married with Linda and have 4 kids borned in 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000. Two boys and two girls. Two are married. 


I was born in Kristiansand, Norway and became a believer in a new church planted 200 meters from my home. I grew up in a traditional Lutheran family. I became a pastor in the church I grew up in and was sent together with my wife Linda to plant a church in our neighborhood. We got 4 kids in 6 year from 1994 - 2000 alongside planting the first church. During the year I have had the privilege to start two churches in my hometown, a bible school and 3 small businesses (; and I led the national movement for church planting in Norway (Sendt Norway) and through this was a part of initiating M4 in Europe and also NC2P ( In 2018 together with Jürgen Eisen from Berlin Germany we took initiative to start Exponential Europe. 


During the last 25 years we have had three times a 4 months sabbatical, where we as a couple have listened to God for direction. Last time in 2018 we felt God spoke to us about living local and serving international. Local: God led us to buy our neighbour house where we have a disciple house of seven young people who live with us. Together with them we are investing in the local church where I have a role as a senior pastor leading the staff. At the same time most of our energy goes into giving leadership to M4 and Exponential in Europe. Two network organisations that have the same vision: Reproducing and multiplying church-planting in Europe. 


From early year I Øivind define my life mission with the keyword: 

Sidebyside and Multiplication. Sidebyside; Man and women; Generation, 

Denomination and organisation, nations and continent. But also Sidebyside: Church, 

Community, Commerce (The 3C).  Multiplication: Multiply gospel, disciples, leaders, churches, and systems that will go far beyond the first cause. 

Our family value: Community, Generosity, hospitality, multiplication, unity, grace 


  • One year of media Education from NLA University College (1997-98);
  • Seven years of theology at the two schools: Ansgar University College in Kristiansand and Norwegian school of Theology, religion and society in Oslo (1989 - 1996).
  • Other training: Leadership: I have a master trainer Licence in Persolog personality profile and been trained in different courses in the topic of personal development, leadership, team- and organisational leadership. Family and marriage: As a family we did a Family DTS (2000) and Family Ministry School (2008) and worked with training couples over 20 years. 

Responsibility in M4 Europe (Work description) 

  • New Ideas – vision casting, new projects, big picture, «selling big deals»
  • Culture - visionary, relational – keep relational and visionary presence and momentum
  • Major External relationships – major donors, new nations, other networks, major partners, representation..
  • Major Fundraising 
  • Strategic interventions (in critical moments) or starting in new nations
  • Major recruitment/identification of key leaders (experts, strategic coaches, potential M4 national leaders, Board members, etc.
  • Networking with other CP initiatives

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